Complete Email Scraper:

Paste the link to the site and the bot finds the sitemap. The bot then goes through all the links on the site looking for email addresses (strings contains @)

Extract Links from URL:

Search engine of Public OSiNT Projects:

Wayback Archive:

( One of the most interesting features on Wayback machine [Internet Archive] is the TV news archive search. )

( Data since 2009 Filtering by program topic, channel, mentions of public figures, and year )

Discord DB:


A searchable archive of 14,000,000+ (and counting!) posts from 4chan, 8chan, and 8kun

Reddit – Exploring SubReddits:

Utica College Cyber Security Club Resources List:

Tools, webapps, articles, manuals, cheatsheets etc… – (502 links, 47 categories)

IBM Watson News Explorer (Current News Graph):

Instagram Query: | | |

Generate a Face [StyleGAN] :

X Doesn’t Exist:

[Sector035] Week in OSINT:

OSINT Framework:

Robtex: Reverse DNS & Whois lookups

IP Neighbors: Find the hosting neighbors for a specific web site or hostname

DMNS: Find similar domains and all DNS / WHOIS on a target

HotSpider: Gathers information on domain names. It grabs the Whois info, crawls subdomains and more, after which it generates an HTML report with all the relevant information.

V_Stat: Get visitors, Traffic, Advertisements, and Keywords from any Site.

Some OSINT Data, Node, Tree, Diagram websites –

Answer The Public (Search):

75 Different Search Services: – [ Private Search Engines ]


( Worldwide map of rains, storms, fires, heats, winds and others natural phenomenas. The main advantage over counterparts is the availability of tools for measuring area and distance. It’s possible to watch both realtime and historical data. )

Google.Maps Extractor :

( Select an area on the map. Open the window with the extension. Enter a keyword and click the “Start” button Wait until the results appear in the table (sometimes you have to wait up to several minutes) )

Hash.Tag Query:

Social Media Tool List:

31 OSINT Extensions for ‘Chrome / Brave’ :

” Extensions “

[1 Tab] –

OSINT EventTribe:–events/osint/?page=1

Pimeyes :

“Pimeyes is a facial recognition search tool, which can reverse image search photos with faces using AI”


Image Analyzer Addon :

View all images on a page and expose image properties, EXIF data, and one-click download. Expose image properties and EXIF data if present for all detected images. Allow one-click downloading of the currently image.


Osint Offensive VM (image) [Has Kali Linux basic tools plus other osint tools added separately all into one osint virtual machine]

Osint.curio News:


Offensive Security Cheatsheet:

Open Port: