Momentum :

Replace new tab page with a personal dashboard featuring to-do, weather, and inspiration.

GitHub Repository Size:

Automatically adds repository size to GitHub’s repository summary ( Follow these instructions to enable this extension on private repositories: )


Social Analyzer:

An extension for Google Chrome that simplifies and speeds up daily monitoring of social networks. Create your own list of keywords and regularly check what’s new and related to them.

Social – Analyzer

Google Maps Extractor:

( Select an area on the map. Open the window with the extension. Enter a keyword and click the “Start” button Wait until the results appear in the table (sometimes you have to wait up to several minutes) )

Image Search Assistant:

Searches for a picture, screenshot or fragment of a screenshot in several search engines and stores at once.

Youtube™ Actual Top Comments :

Fetch all comments to  YOUtube video (without answers) Sort them by likes and filter  by keywords (doesn’t handle videos with more than 10,000 comments well.)

Video DownloadHelper :

The easy way to download and convert Web videos from hundreds of YouTube-like sites.

Image Analyzer Addon :

“View all images on a page and expose image properties, EXIF data, and one-click download. Expose image properties and EXIF data if present for all detected images. Allow one-click downloading of the currently image.“

31 OSINT extensions :

One Tab :

Condenses all Tabs

Download Sorter:

 Simple tool that will help set up the distribution of files with different extensions into different folders in a minute and permanently put “Downloads” folder in order.

An extension that sorts the downloaded file to the specified folder based on the file extension.

Example 1) File extension "jpg" / Folder "images"
When downloading jpg file, the file will be downloaded to images folder.

Example 2) File extension "zip" / Folder "archive/zip"
When downloading zip file, the file will be downloaded to zip folder under archive folder.


Blacklight :

Scan Websites for Annoying Data Trackers ] –

System Monitoring Center:

System Monitoring Center, for Linux GNOME –


Vimium — Browse the web, interact with web pages, navigate browser history using keyboard shortcuts. Inspired by Vim commands

Gmail Sender Icons – Quickly identify the sending domain of an email in Gmail without opening the message.

Zoho Annotator – An ad-free screenshot capture tool with a built-in editor for annotating images. Upload screenshots directly to Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox.

Clearly – Read pages in a Kindle-style clean layout with beautiful typography while hiding the distracting parts.

Tab Notes – A minimalistic start page for Chrome that opens a simple notepad in each new tab where you can quickly jot down your todos and notes.

PushBullet — Easily transfer web page links, text notes, or push photos and files from the computer to your phone and vice-versa.

Scribe – Create step-by-step guides and tutorials by recording steps and publish them as PDF guides.

OneTab — Save all your open tabs in a group and duplicate your session anytime later with a click.

Picture in Picture  – Watch Netflix movies and YouTube videos in an always-on-top floating window while you work on other tabs.

Screenity – Record a screencast video with voice narration, include your webcam video and share through Google Drive.

URL Render – Instead of clicking individual links on the Google search page, hover your mouse over a link, press a short and and view the underlying page in a floating window.

Clipt – A universal clipboard for Android, Mac and Windows PCs – copy the OTP on your phone and instantly paste it on the desktop and vice-versa.

Hover Zoom – Hover your mouse over any thumbnail image on sites like Facebook and Amazon and the add-on will enlarge the image to its full size.

Quick Source Viewer – A better alternative to the native View Source option that displays both JS and CSS files in addition to HTML content.

Save To Drive – Right-click and save the current web page, or images on a page, to your Google Drive.

Google Input – Type text in any language of your choice using virtual keyboards, your handwriting and transliteration.

Google Dictionary – Use the dictionary add-on to view definitions of words and learn their correct pronunciation.

uBlacklist – Blocks specific sites and entire domains from appearing in your Google search results.

Gmail Notes – Attach sticky notes to your email message that are persistent and will show up the next time you open that same email inside Gmail.

Simple ToDo – Replace the new tab page of your Chrome with an elegant todo list that requires no signup.

Ugly Email – Some emails contain a tracking pixel that notifies the sender when their emails are read. This add-on blocks the tracking attempts.

Stylebot – Change the appearance of any web page with CSS selectors, permanently hide elements on a page and the changes persist across browser sessions.

Skip Search – An address bar shortcut for the I’m lucky command that directly takes you to the most relevant website for your search query.

Single File – Download the entire web page into a single HTML file. The associated CSS files, fonts and images are also saved in the file.

Go Incognito – Open the current tab of your browser in a new incognito tab, useful for browsing news websites are behind paywalls.

Feeder – An excellent RSS feed reader that is accessible from the Chrome toolbar and supports notifications for your favorite feeds.

Blackbox – It’s like an OCR reader, but for websites. Extract text from images, video screenshots or PDFs and copy it to your clipboard.

Project Naptha – Another useful OCR extension that lets you magically select text from images and instantly translate it to your native language.

Visbug – A must-have design tool for web developers that brings powerful editing capabilities to the browser.

iCloud Passwords – Access your Safari passwords that are saved inside iOS and Mac device from Chrome on Windows PCs.

Twitter Screenshots – Take beautiful, uncluttered screenshots of tweets with a click.