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Wireshark Recap

Wireshark (formerly known as Ethereal) is a GUI-based tool that enables you to inspect network traffic and even individual packets. [ Download: https[:]// ]  Wireshark requires either Winpcap (Windows) or libpcap (Linux) library files. When Wireshark prompts you asking whether… Continue Reading →

NMAP Recap’s NMAP: Foot-printing tool for IP,Website, or Any Target [ Very noisy port scanner ] Ping: Test whether connection is possible for a site. The result will output the IP address of the server hosting the site. Traceroute:… Continue Reading →

URL Shortener .Py Recap

Using various Python APIs to shorten URLs, List of Services Below: Bitly URL Shortener Bitly URL Shortener is simple to use but you must first Make an account – then go to settings – click on Advanced settings – you… Continue Reading →

BeautifulSoup URL Scrape Recap

Make sure that required .Py Libraries are installed on host – [ Requirements.txt ] pip install requests pip install bs4 First, import the two packages (BeautifulSoup and Requests) :      from bs4 import BeautifulSoup import requests Second, ask the user… Continue Reading →

Youtube OSINT Recap

Submit a link to video and get it metadata: Snippet (the exact date and time of publication, description, thumbnails links)/Statistics/Geolocation/Status/Content details (also it’s possible to get channel and playlist metadata) Download Comments: Submit a “video id” (you can find… Continue Reading →

Github OSINT Recap OsintEye Getting detailed information about Github user and getting list of his followers. GitStar Ranking This site ranks the 5,000 most highly rated (with the most stars) Github users, companies, and repositories. And if you log… Continue Reading →

Website OSINT Recap

Collect basic information about domain IP address lookup, whois records, dns records, ping, traceroute, NSlookup. Find out what technology was used to create the site: frameworks, javascript, libraries, analytics and tracking tools, widgets, payment systems, content delivery networks etc.  Get… Continue Reading →

Telegram Recap

Some basic tools to search, collect and analyze information in the TELEGRAM messenger (500 million users in 2021 – Extremely popular in the countries of the former Soviet Union and Iran.) Start.List Collections of Tools for Telegram Research TelegramDB… Continue Reading →

FB Reverse Image Search

To find a person’s Facebook account by their face photo, you can use Google Images or Yandex Images with the advanced search operator Google Image Dork : site:

Python Snippets

Check for Uniqueness in Python List: This method can be used to check if there are duplicate items in a given list [ Top list is “True” (Has Duplicate) | Bottom list is False ] def all_unique(lst):   return len(lst)… Continue Reading →

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