Submit a link to video and get it metadata:

Snippet (the exact date and time of publication, description, thumbnails links)/Statistics/Geolocation/Status/Content details

(also it’s possible to get channel and playlist metadata)

Download Comments:

Submit a “video id”

(you can find it here – – 

and download comments to it as a table (html file).

You don’t have to download the comments to research them. You can simply use the tool to search for keywords in comments on a video or channel.

Music in Video:

Submit link to a video and get a list of the music that plays in it.

(often this list is in the video description, but may not be present in older videos)

Video Cutter:

If the video is too long to upload to the site from the last tweet, cut a small section from it.

Frame by Frame:

To closely examine all the fine details in the video, use the frame by frame viewer


Screenshot YouTube Chrome extension will help you download individual frames from the video as pictures.

And with the help of you can cut them into individual interesting parts

Use Yandex.Images to identify people’s faces in frames and recognize text


Get information about channels uploads, subscribers, video views dynamics and estimated monthly earnings

[ Open channel description and request access to the email address for business requests.. Investigate Email from there ]

Other tools for YouTube videos and channels investigation you may find ‘ciphers’ collection (505 tools):

Source for more Info: