Getting detailed information about Github user and getting list of his followers.

GitStar Ranking

This site ranks the 5,000 most highly rated (with the most stars) Github users, companies, and repositories.

And if you log in, you can find out your own rating.

Star History

The link to the repository gives a history of growth of the number of stars (so you can see when the repository was in the trends or calculate the accrual of stars).

It is possible to save the results to CSV.

How to check if the repository’s spike in stars (see the top tweet) is due to a fake-out, or if it just hit the trends that day?

Simply look at the Github trending archive for a specific date.


This service compares multiple repositories and determines which one was created earlier, which has more forks and stars. This can be useful to find the original source among projects with the same name.


Ranking of the most active Github users by number of comments and contributions over the years (there is a separate ranking each country).

(If a user only has a city in their profile, they can see it in the country ranking)


Search Engine for Github Repositories


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