Some basic tools to search, collect and analyze information in the TELEGRAM messenger (500 million users in 2021 – Extremely popular in the countries of the former Soviet Union and Iran.)


Collections of Tools for Telegram Research


Database of public groups, channels and bots. Use the search bar in the top right corner to start.


One of the largest directories of Telegram channels, which has detailed information about the growth of the audience, its engagement and mentions of a particular channel in various sources.


Tool based by Google Custom Search Engine. Search in Telegram, Telegraph, Stickers, Voice Chats, Contacts, Messages, Bots, Videos.


Another telegram search engine. – Search by channels, groups, bots, telegraph and comments.


Tool based by Google Custom Search. Search comments in Telegram threads.


Tool based by Yandex Custom Search. – Search by 17 telegram content aggregator sites.


Export Telegram room chat (with Windows version of Telegram app) and get detailed analyze of it (message count, average message count per day, word frequency etc)

Tg ScanBot

Simple bot to show which telegram groups a person is member of… (Only a few requests are free)

Awesome OSINT Tele

Curated List of Telegram OSINT Tools, Sites & Resources

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