Command-line program to download videos from YTB and other video sites [YT-DLP]:

Linux Terminal Download:

sudo python3 -m pip install yt-dlp
sudo python3 -m pip install yt-dlp -U
brew install yt-dlp
choco install yt-dlp
Modified linux.txt and to include installation of yt-dlp
Modified linux.txt to include update of yt-dlp
Modified script to include yt-dlp options

YT-DLP – Fork :

Telephone number test w/ risk level depending on carrier:

Similar to mailcat (Repo) ‘Nexfil’ will take a name and search for similar social media and account profiles that match with whatever name/title you wish to query:


Collection of OSINT resources and tools in one place []:

Convert any PDF and images to plain text ~

Lets you put in an google analytics (#) or adsense (#) and it looks up for other domains that use that same (#) ~ |

Search of every county portal in the country: (From county portal you can look up a companies tax records) Domain Research:

(Look up the backlinks to a domain, or websites redirecting to a certain domain)

Kartaview (satellite street view): crowdsourced cams (user driven)

[ Same as Openstreetcam … same website rebranded ]

Query an email to look for positive breach hits:


Dork: [ “osint” ]

Can always dork someones name / title, can also reverse image search someones linktree Avatar picture 

Stp-Archive: local newspaper archive


[ “keyword” ]

[ “first last” “location” ]

[ “chris Reeves” ]

[ “chris reeves” “louisiana” ]