[ Python is considered a beginner-friendly programming language and its community provides many free resources for beginners and more advanced users. Our team had gathered the most helpful free materials about Python. Below you will find the whole list. If we missed something, that you would like to recommend leave a comment! We will update our list! ]

How to start?

If you never had a chance to learn programming and that’s your first experience, here you will find free books, blogs, and video tutorials that will help you. 

  • Let’s start with CheersKevin short video about How to Learn to Code where he explains why it’s better to think of projects you’d like to build and problems you want to solve with programming. Start working on those projects and problems rather than jumping into a specific language that’s recommended to you by a friend.
  • CS for All is an open book by professors at Harvey Mudd College which teaches the fundamentals of computer science using Python. It’s a perfect read for programming beginners.
  • If you’ve never programmed before check out Laurence Bradford blog Learn To Code with Me. She’s done an incredible job of presenting the most important steps in your programming career. With her materials you will quickly understand the basics. She also have a podcast about programming, so it’s worth checking!
  • Learn Python the Hard Way is a free book by Zed Shaw.
  • The Python projects tag on the Twilio blog presents many tutorials about Python and what you can create it with it. It’s updated systematically.
  • Introduction to Programming with Python goes over the basic syntax and control structures in Python. The free book has numerous code examples.
  • Python Practice Book is a book of Python exercises to help you learn the basic language syntax.
  • Python for you and me is an approachable book with sections for Python syntax and the major language constructs. The book also contains a short guide at the end to get programmers to write their first Flask web application.
  • Automate the Boring Stuff with Python by Al Sweigart. It’s an amazing book that won’t bore you. If you will like it I recommend checking other books written by Al Sweigart. They are all available for free, but you can purchase them too.
  • Program Arcade Games with Python and Pygame is another good book about Python. The bonus: it is available for free in multiple languages. 
  • Python Tutorial for Beginners: Learn Programming in 7 Days is a comprehensive guide for beginners that are looking for a step by step tutorial. This class will teach you python from basics.
  • RealPython – The website offers various materials from interactive exercises to tutorials. It’s a great place for beginners.
  • Learn Python – another amazing website with tutorials prepared for the beginners. What’s more, you will find tutorials for other programming languages, so you can try other options as well.
  • CodersLegacy –  an educational site created to train future generations in the art of Coding. They are not only focused on Python but on other programming languages as well. Beginner and the more advanced user will find interesting information there, as the content is divided into sections to ease the navigation. It also has a side blog where programming related articles are published.
  • PythonSpot – another amazing website, that contains a step by step tutorials about Python. The majority of its content covers the beginner area, however, there are other areas such as Android, Network, Data, Databases, and more, that are covered on this website.  
  • After Hours Programming -It’s a page dedicated to programming in general. People that take care of the page, have developed dozens of programming tutorials for beginners to learn how to code for free and at your own pace. Aside from Python, you will find tutorials about SQL, JavaScript, CSS and others. 
  • Study Tonight –  It’s a website that presents lessons about programming languages (Python as well). The tutorials are very detailed, and the visual aspect is also nice. As a bonus Study Tonight added tests and quizzes about certain topics, Python appeared recently, so it’s a good moment to check this page out.  
  • Tutlane Tutorials – This website provides online tutorials, articles about various programming languages (but not only). While we didn’t have a chance to browser other topics, their section about Python is very wide and detailed. You will find there, information for absolute beginners and more advanced users, because the content is progressing with each step.
  • TechBeamers – Another website that focuses on various programming languages and Python is among them. What makes it different from others? The incredible amount of materials. TechBeamers, have quizzes, a section about tricks and tips, classes, Q&A for users, and much more. It’s a very big library of information dedicated to Python!
  • Python Tutorial for Beginners – It’s a very simple tutorial for beginners from Intellipaat,  that contains the most important information for those that want to start their journey with Python. Easy to follow, with lots of details and tricks that can be used in the future!
  • “A Byte of Python” is a free book on programming using the Python language. It serves as a tutorial or guide to the Python language for a beginner audience. This book will teach you to use Python version 3. There will also be guidance for you to adapt to the older and more common Python version 2 in the book.
  • The Python Guru is a website that contains both, beginner and advanced content. However, the main focus is on the beginner’s content. You will learn everything you need to know about python, each lesson expands on the previous one, so it is recommended to go through topics step by step.
  • Great Learning, published a brand new guide – Python Tutorial For Beginners. If you are wondering how to start this tutorial might be just for you!
  • Python for You and Me – A complete step-by-step guide to installing and using Python. Excellent for beginners, but it also covers many advanced features.

[Source] : https://hakin9.org/list-of-free-python-resources/