allintextSearches for occurrences of all the keywords given.allintext:"keyword"
intextSearches for the occurrences of keywords all at once or one at a time.intext:"keyword"
inurlSearches for a URL matching one of the keywords.inurl:"keyword"
allinurlSearches for a URL matching all the keywords in the query.allinurl:"keyword"
intitleSearches for occurrences of keywords in title all or one.intitle:"keyword"
allintitleSearches for occurrences of keywords all at a time.allintitle:"keyword"
siteSpecifically searches that particular site and lists all the results for that""
filetypeSearches for a particular filetype mentioned in the query.filetype:"pdf"
linkSearches for external links to"keyword"
numrangeUsed to locate specific numbers in your searches.numrange:321-325
before/afterUsed to search within a particular date range.filetype:pdf & (before:2000-01-01 after:2001-01-01)
allinanchor (and also inanchor)This shows sites which have the keyterms in links pointing to them, in order of the most links.inanchor:rat
allinpostauthor (and also inpostauthor)Exclusive to blog search, this one picks out blog posts that are written by specific individuals.allinpostauthor:"keyword"
relatedList web pages that are “similar” to a specified web
cacheShows the version of the web page that Google has in its

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