[ Palantir CEO : Path Forward Combating Covid-19 w/ Alex. Karp  ]

  • Supports the shutdown of Trump by all major media (Social) companies ( “He crossed the Line” ) .
  • { What makes Palantir so effective and special? } : Able to consolidate 100’s of Data Points so that you can simply ask one software (Palantir) a specific question regarding any unique business model that best applies to you. This is convenient because before a single company would sometimes have to work between multiple software platforms in order to collect and review all the Data Points they needed . 
  • Pandemics will continue throughout society moving forward .
  • As of now, throughout the whole world, 30% of the populations have said that they will Not take a vaccine for covid-19 if offered .
  • … “ Vaccine will give back your civil liberties ” .
  • We must Convince people to volunteer for vaccination in a democratic society , Not force them .   
  • Tech has “chosen sides” (Leaning Politically Left) , This has caused many Silicon Valley companies to Not want to work hand in hand with U.S. Government .
  • Silicon Valley was birthed from the Internet Technology revolution, provided to the public thanks to the Government ( Arpanet & Manhattan Project ) so it is in the best interest for Silicon Valley to support Government not to go against it . “ What is the value proposition of the average person ? ” .

[ SAIS – J.H. / Henry Kissinger : World order after Covid-19 Forum ]


Graham T. Allison –

  • China is rapidly increasing its presents as potentially the worlds next leading superpower , catching up and even dominating in many different crucial industries with a concentrated focus on Technology of the Future . 
  • USA v. Russia {or} Usa + Russia  

Philip C. Bobbitt –

  • A.I. (competition) , Facial recognition , and Voice recognition are just a few key areas to name where China is currently dominating the United States .
  • Industrial Nation States { are now transitioning into } Information Market States .
  • Data will continue to be successful because it is working with the world markets , not seeking to replace them . “Replaces constitutional order of Nation States…”

Niall Ferguson –

  • Cold War 2 = Us v. China 
  • Dangers Moving Forward : Potential ‘Hot War’ ; Semiconductor supply war with China due to conflicts with Taiwan and goods ; U.S. Dollar continues to weaken (as of now the Federal Reserve is still the #1 benchmark for rest of the world) .
  • News dictates the public opinion .

Professor Margaret MacMiller –

  • ‘SAGE’ , Science Advisors .
  • Some very common examples of reactions to the Pandemic : People, working together & Fighting / Divide (Apollo Arrow) .
  • Uncertainty is hard for humans to accept .
  • More Pandemics to come in the future , and Climate Change will affect every countries future for better or worse . 
  • WW1 v Today (?) .

[ LNKS ]

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J.H. – https://video.ibm.com/recorded/127094670