By 2025 the Lake Nona Vertiport is expected to be completed and operational with groundbreaking autonomous aircraft shuttles.  The project will be built in partnership with Lilium a Munich, Germany based company who claim that their aircraft can transport someone from Lake Nona to Tampa will take less than 30 minutes.

Known at the Lake Nona Vertiport, the location will be the first of its kind in aviation facilities and will be used as the central location for mobility networks throughout Florida in the future .

This new move for the future of city – to – city mobility transportation is hopefully looking to usher in a new era of facilities like it to help connect people traveling throughout the country .

The on demand air travel will be facilitated through an app on your phone, very similar to services like Uber and Lyft.

The piloted jets can accommodate up to four passengers. Initially, costs are expected to be similar to a business-class plane ticket,

But like all emerging technologies will ultimately decrease as regional air mobility becomes more mainstream.

Lilium promises that their Jets deliver the same safety standards as today’s commercial aircraft with substantially less noise, and faster speeds.

Once the jets arrive to Lake Nona, they will be regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The Lake Nona Vertiport, like any new airport, is currently seeking the required approval from the FAA and Department of Transportation.

Noise, after safety, is one of the Lilium’s top priorities. The Jets feature customized electric motors and innovative technology that make them inaudible from the ground and only as loud as a passing truck during takeoff and landing.

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