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  • Eric Schmidt member of the National security commission for A.I.
  • Conversational AI is something to watch in the future of artificial intelligence developments in the future. 
  • 10-15 years potential questions to answer ; how bad will globalization affect the average citizens opportunities to prosper , survive , and have the option to work hard for a higher paying wage ? ( the American dream )
  • DoD has 17 intelligence communities 
  • Must work with countries like china to create a set of international rules involving AI potentially used in future wars

(Bloomberg) – New Economy Forum 

To achieve peace, the U.S. and China should jointly create “an institutional system by which some leader that our president trusts and some Chinese leaders that President Xi trusts are designated to remain in contact with each other on behalf of their presidents,” [ Henry Kissinger ] said.

Relations with China may dominate the foreign policy agenda of President-elect Joe Biden’s administration. He’s expected to seek ways to defuse tensions in areas including the future of 5G technology, China’s expansionism in the South China Sea and Hong Kong’s fading autonomy.

Europe will increasingly find itself caught in a tug-of-war between the U.S. and Eurasia, as China continues to grow to a point where US is not the dominant country of the world. ( Will the continue to work side by side with America as the dominant countries of the world or will they drift more into closer relations and political ties with China ? )

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  • China was able to deploy a contract tracing app (early in the pandemic) with QR code attached displaying 3 colors :

Green – no infection history 

Orange – infected in the recent past

Red – positive for infection and still considered contagious ( quarantine is required )

  • The trend of online shopping becoming dominant over in person retail store shopping has vastly accelerated since the pandemic , getting every generation from young to old custom and comfortable with shopping online regularly. 
  • Technology is a key winner since the pandemic 
  • The pandemic has ( unfortunately ) helped widen the gap even farther between lower to upper classes , as the lockdowns have greatly affected people who work in industries such as food and hospitality for years to come. 
  • Densely populated areas such as major cities will still be the preferred place to live for the younger population even after the affects of the pandemic seem to clear. 
  • Human interactions will always be the most important to us.