President Trump approved an emergency EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) in conjunction with the FDA, to start immediately using ; Convalescent Plasma Therapy on patients with severe cases of Covid-19. 

The idea is to help very sick patients mount a stronger immune response by infusing them with plasma containing antibodies from recovered patients blood. But individuals produce varying levels and types of antibodies in response to viruses, so Convalescent Plasma from one recovered patient will be more effective than another. This makes it especially hard to do randomized trials to test the efficiency that it will have on the patient. 

Now that the EUA is released on Convalescent Blood Plasma Therapy, much more data of its use with Covid-19 from doctors will help give scientists a better understanding of how well it works for this coronavirus. I personally hope in combination with this Plasma therapy and some new vaccine that will eventually be created and released we can go back to living our Normal Lives !!! Im not too sure about anyone else, but I’m Sick of all this. *Wine Rants*

You can only donate your blood to the hospital to be used in Convalescent Plasma Therapy if you have had a Positive Test for Covid-19, it has been a minimum of 14 days, and all symptoms from the virus are gone. 

Otherwise someone like me with no history of being tested but am most certainly sure I am carrying anti-bodies, cannot offer up my blood for use. *Giving Blood Hurts*